3 Ways to Rock Travel/Tourism Content.

3 Ways to Rock Travel/Tourism Content.

Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 13:42

Everyone knows that content is king in today’s marketing strategies, but how do you make yours rock? Destination guides, brochures, feature articles or collateral, they all need to spark attention before they can excite your potential market. How do you create copy that answers questions, solves problems and helps customers get what they want

1. Use Your GPS. Before your first word is written, know where you’re going. What should your content do? Drive sales? Generate leads? Increase web traffic? Decide your direction, then put a document marketing strategy in place. For optimal marketing results, as well as a better way of charting ROI, make a clear, focused strategy your first order of business.

2. Get the Hook. No matter how focused or creative your content, for it to be noticed let alone read, it needs a killer headline. It’s just a fact that 8 out of 10 people are drawn to and read the headline. Only 2 of 10 read the rest. Great headlines get noticed in RSS feeds, social bookmarking sites, search engines and, yes, by your potential clients. It’s a pretty clear bet that if you want to be noticed, along with quality content, you have to nail the headline!

3. Spice It Up. I get it. You need to educate your prospective clients about your product or services. But will they stick around to find out about your compelling ‘big idea’ if the story is dry, stiff or just plain factual? I think not. The most relevant, comprehensive content can often use a liberal dose of humor, imagery and even when done well, controversy. So if you don’t want your message to be a bedtime yawn, pack some passion into your content.

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