8 Ways to Beat the End of Summer Blues

8 Ways to Beat the End of Summer Blues

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 08:30

For summer junkies, Labor Day bids ‘aloha’ to suntan lotion, flip flops and endless, lazy beach days. Even stalwarts who drag their work with them to the beach or cruise can suffer summer withdrawal.  For some, autumn chill brings a fresh sense of renewal while others feel as glum as when they were handed their book bag and bus pass each year. You know who you are

Post-summer letdown is common —but vacation revelations and memories don’t have to fade faster than your tan. Before you throw in the summer towel, here are a few things to make the transition to fall easier:

  1. Reframe your focus. Shift perspective from what you miss to what you haven’t yet done and open a world of possibilities. That photography class you’ve been procrastinating about? Sign up. Wanting to get a handle on Google +, Digg or Reddit? Now’s the time. In these days of downsizing and job insecurity, the more you know, the more you are valued. Reframe the way you view something and you transform the entire picture.
  2. Lighten up. The summer sun may take a siesta, but shorter days don’t have to mean darker ones. Effective lighting is an essential aspect of an energizing work environment. Florescent saps your energy so get as much natural light as possible. If you tend toward SADD (seasonal affective disorder and depression) invest in a full spectrum light. Spending some time each day near this specialized type of lighting can improve your mood levels significantly. Proper lighting also increases your energy and vitamin D levels.
  3. Find your fun. Don’t pack your silly streak away with your swimsuit. Find the funny or at least the positive in the every day. Laughter binds people together, strengthens your immune system, boosts your energy and eases stress. Especially in these challenging times of high unemployment, low morale and fear of downsizing, a sense of humor is critical. So start planning that crazy Halloween Costume.
  4. Clean house. Start with your desk. Pitch the half eaten candy bars and all the old post-its. Streamline your workspace to funnel out distractions that cause you to lose focus. Bring in a plant. Remember to water and reap the new energy for the new season.
  5. Watch your mouth. At least what you put into it. When summer activities wind down, bodies get fewer workouts. Start the day with real breakfast food to kick-start the metabolism. A donut on the run doesn’tcount. Hard-boiled eggs, some oatmeal, a piece of whole-wheat toast, yogurt or fruit are go-to choices. Keep snacks in the healthy zone. A candy bar is the flash before the crash. Instead, grab a handful of nuts, a stick of string cheese, peanut butter on crackers or an apple.
  6. Move out — of your chair. Recent studies show that sitting, more than 3 hours at a time will take years off our life. Even major gym workouts can’t offset those hours in the chair. Make it a point this fall to get up and walk — frequently. You’ll help your heart and your risk of type2 diabetes. Stretch. Eat in the park, not your desk.Take a quick walk. Get some fresh air. Breathe.
  7. Make a not-to-do list. What habits drain your energy? Which ones use it to its best advantage? Reading emails every few minutes and checking social media sites every hour might top your not-to-do list. And as you think about your typical day, there are probably quite a few more candidates that come to mind. Drastically cutting down on non-essential tasks brings greater focus and efficiency, kind of like fall cleaning your mind.
  8. Cheer up. Christmas and New Year’s holidays will be here before you know it.

Don’t just ‘fall" into fall.  Jump like you did when you were kids into the just raked pile of leaves — with abandon and enthusiasm. And remember, the world hasn’t ended – only summer has.  It will all be back again NEXT year.



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