Yes. Yes, you do need REAL graphic design

Yes. Yes, you do need REAL graphic design

Monday, September 26, 2016 - 08:30

No one appreciates do-it-yourself projects more than I do. In fact, I finally white washed my brick fireplace last summer and it looks awesome! DIY definitely has its place – just not in your content marketing.In today’s fierce marketplace, you want to set your brand apart from the competition. No matter how compelling your marketing message (and as writer of many, I’m pretty sure it is) you need dynamic graphics to help sell it succinctly. 

Graphic design helps you make a good first impression, capture your audience and keep their attention. It can streamline navigation on your website, make your ad stand out in the marketplace — and the mailbox. White space, not white wash, helps your copy stand out.  Good design makes your message more readable, ties all the pieces together and clearly communicates your information. It helps highlight what’s really important.  A seasoned professional designer has the tools and perspective to connect your business with your audience. 

Even the best message and product can fall through advertising cracks. Update or overhaul, memorable logo or entire campaign, sound, strategic yet visually arresting design helps build business. Imagination, knowledge and maybe a little magic drives design that builds brand awareness. How you present what you say is as important as the message itself. If you have communication problems to solve, you’re going to need both words AND pictures.

Your marketing is the face of your brand.  Let your graphic designer help you put  your best face forward.  



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