words & pictures

Content for POW!

My mother always told me that even more important than what you say - is HOW you say it. That’s pretty cool advice for content and copy, too. From memo to marketing missive, how your message is written is critical to how your audience receives it. Every word I write needs to be compelling and well-crafted to reach the right prospects, in the right market.

Creative for WOW!

Good creative is more than just eye-candy, right? I think that creative is always most effective when it’s based on the bigger, most strategic picture; not just a pretty one. So, while I really like winning design awards (and I have), I value winning my clients’ trust, respect and measurable results even more.

Great marketing (and I’m a little biased here) needs both WORDS and PICTURES. Creative grabs attention; Content convinces and converts. Luckily, I rock both with award-winning style — without the big cha-ching.

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